About Me

My name is Matt Rodriguez, I’m 23 and I’m from Houston. I am currently attending Texas State University to attain a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication. This degree was more or less chosen at random but I feel like I’m catching on to what the program can offer for me. I am very passionate about music — I have a pretty broad personal record collection I add to nearly every day and I’ve been playing guitar with friends for a little over 5 years. My ideal plan of action after graduation is to attain internship at a record label in Austin, TX and get my foot in the door for a full-time position after that. I’m young and ambitious, but a little wet-behind-the-ears. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll “be when I grow up,” but I do know that I want to continue having fun. I mean, how many people really chose Texas State purely for academics, anyway? So my motto: sails to the wind.


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