An Eye-Opener

Cali Roots Fest '13

Cali Roots Fest ’13

The photo I took above is my life in a nutshell. I love being outdoors, around music and people and living my life to the fullest. Experiencing art and making new friends is a passion of mine. I try to be a part of the world, firsthand, as often as my life makes possible and I’ve seen more concerts, festivals and events than I care to count. My life is rich, exciting and satisfying to say the least. So, what’s the problem? I haven’t successfully shared these experiences with the rest of the world outside my own circle.

Throughout this course, what I have learned more prominently than anything is that I have somehow fallen off the technology train. I am young and in college and at one point would have even called myself tech-savvy, but this blogging assignment was a real challenge to me.

First off, I have become aware of the glaring fact that I am too unfamiliar with social networking. Given my selected major, I feel like I should have a hand in all major social networking platforms… yet I barely have a hand in one. In high school I had a Facebook account I used frequently, but have since become so preoccupied with REAL LIFE that it has become stagnant; I probably haven’t posted in over a year. It is literally my only connection to a social network of any kind and it would likely be deemed inactive based on my frequency of use.

I don’t even know how to tweet. I tried, became frustrated and never gave it another go. Now I’ve just fallen so far behind the curve that I feel it’s too far gone — that maybe I should just wait for the next big thing and jump on it while it’s young. Twitter simply eludes me.

And to add to my predicament, I am more of a classic “pen and pad” kind of writer to begin with. I love writing. Even on my spare time, assignments aside, I find myself writing notes, ideas, lyrics and anything else that sparks interest in my life. But the blogging became overwhelming at times. Combine my fear of social networking with my desire to write and I feel that I’ve reached a crossroads that doesn’t quite go anywhere. My passion for writing is there but when it meets my inability to efficiently navigate and utilize the web, we have found my Achilles heel.

I feel like the realm of blogging requires a much more focused concept now as well. I struggled to come up with an intriguing and relevant topic and decided to begin this project with the style of writing I practice most commonly — that is, a personal insight to my own life in the form of journal updates. I visualized entries coming across to the tune of a Tucker Max story. In the future, my blogging attempts will be saved for strong and lasting ideas that I feel compelled to continue submitting entries on. It just turns out that I have plenty to write about, but little that pertains to academia.

All in all, I enjoyed the project. I showed my work to my parents and to close friends and while my entries were few, I think they enjoyed seeing what I participated in during school. The big eye-opener was this: if I plan on having a career in Mass Communication, I need to get the ball rolling on MASS COMMUNICATING. I have a thriving social life, but a non-existent social media presence. I have the passion to write, but an inferior knowledge of online journalism. While the world has started changing, I sat back and watched it without engaging myself fully. Maybe this was due to a lack of time, which I tend to lean on, but perhaps it is just a hidden fear I’ve never admitted. This blogging assignment has definitely been a benefit to me in that regard, as I now know what the future holds for online journalism and also, what will be required of me should I continue any writing endeavors.


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